About Us

For several decades, many prominent recording studios and listening rooms have relied
on main monitors that were custom designed by George Augspurger, often as part of
a complete control room design. The monitors were designed to work within the known
design parameters of the room, and were further tuned to the room using a combination
of crossovers, filters, delay and phase adjustment, with the ultimate goal of providing
a large, accurate sweet spot where crucial listening decisions could be made with

Here at Professional Audio Devices we have taken George Augspurger’s speaker
designs , and have optimized the manufacturing process utilizing custom proprietary
drivers and integrated DSP driven amplification which provides the ability to tune the
system to your room. The end result is a system that sounds like no other system,
with power, impact, and accuracy throughout its extremely wide dynamic range.
Our systems are built to order, and a high level of care is exercised when crafting a
system that will ultimately be a reference for your recordings or in your critical listening

In addition to our fully configured Augspurger Active DSP systems, we build Augspurger
Classic passive monitors, which can be used with your choice of amplification and
loudspeaker management, as well as your choice of drivers. Regardless of whether
you decide for a completely configured and tuned system, or if you decide on your own
choice of drivers and electronics, each system is built, finished and tuned individually to
your choices and specifications.

With more than 100 systems installed world wide, we have have provided systems to
world class studios and serious audio aficionados, and we provide custom room tuning
both on-site and remotely.

Sure, there are many choices for main monitors, but when it comes to the choice for
custom monitors built specifically for you and your room, there is only one choice.
Professional Audio Devices.