Augspurger Classic 215 – A3 (Formerly GA-215H-A3)

2-Way active DSP system pre-fitted with 3-way amps.

The Augspurger Classic 215 A3  combines a pair of Classic Main monitor cabinets with a pair of DSP3 3-way amplifier modules with integrated DSP, resulting in a fully integrated cost-effective two way main monitor system, with power and DSP for subwoofer cabinets to be added. Single 18″ or dual 18″ subs are not included but can be added without having to upgrade the amp. The power is already there and ready to go. 

The Augspurger Active DSP main monitor system represents the culmination of George Augspurgerʼs renowned cabinet and horn design, with our experience in custom main monitor construction and systems integration.The Classic-A3 system incorporates a pair of dual 15” drivers with a compression driver feeding a hardwood horn.

The system is powered by a custom electronics package that features 2500W multi-channel power per side (1000W to each subwoofer, 1000W to each side 15” drivers, and 500W to each side compression horn), and incorporates an integrated DSP processor that provides active crossover, equalization, limiting and delay for driver alignment and phase correction. The Active DSP is matched to the specific drivers, and adjustments can be made to compensate for deficiencies or room modes. The system comes configured with presets for a wide variety of listening preferences (i.e. Flat, Freestanding, Soffit-Mounted, Bass Boost, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Loudness, etc.), and the system can be precisely tuned to your roomʼs exact profile by one of our room tuning experts, or with the user software running on your Mac or PC.

The speakers come standard in a matte black finish, and custom high gloss automobile paint finishes are available in any color to complement your room decor.



Breathtaking Power. Unmistakable Clarity.