Duo 12 – A2

2-Way active DSP system with vertical 2X12 cabinets and on-board 2-way amps.

Now any room can be an Augspurger Room!


The Duo 12 – A2

Free-standing main-monitor system reduces the size of an Augspurger monitor without compromising the power, precision and performance of the traditional larger Augspurger Mains. The new Duo 12 system captures the magic of the original Augspurger design in a compact footprint, while keeping the clarity, depth and impact of its larger siblings.


3-Way system with optional 1X12 subs. Mac Silver finish. 

Features include vertical main monitor cabinets with dual high-excursion 12″ drivers, the distinctive Augspurger wooden horn with custom compression driver with TruExtent beryllium diaphragm

Power is delivered by cabinet-mounted DSP2 Class-D two-way amplifier systems (A2) with 1500W per side (1000W to Low/Mid drivers, 500W to Horn). Extensive DSP provides crossover, limiting, driver alignment and system equalization.