The GA-115-A2 combines a pair of GA-115 Main monitor cabinets, with a pair of PAD-DSP2 2-way amplifier modules with integrated DSP, into a fully integrated cost-effective two way main monitor system.

The Augspurger GA-115 is the most compact main monitor cabinet, featuring a single 15″ woofer, combined with the signature Augspurger wooden horn with compression driver.  The GA-115 can be soffit mounted, or can be used in a freestanding arrangement, with or without a subwoofer.

PAD-DSP2 is a two channel amplifier module with integrated DSP providing 1000W and 500W power. It includes an integrated DSP module that provides equalization, phase correction, delay, limiting and user programmable presets.


Amplifiers 2 D-Class amplifiers per module
Impedance 4 ohms
Program Power 1000w,  500W
DSP Processing 24 Bit/96 kHz, 28-bit Coefficients
System Protection Dual Threshold Compressor/Limiters per channel (user controlled)
Filtering 16 Configurable biquad filters per channel
Side Chain Processing Both MF and HF channels have identical side-channels
Speaker Correction Aid Utilize real response from MLSSA, Praxis,mCLIO, or SoundCheck
Programmable DSP Crossover Frequencies, Overall EQ, Component overload protection, level trims, time-alignment delays
Connectivity USB input for Mac/PC control of DSP
Cooling Convection Cooled – no fans, no noise
Mounting Options 7” x 21” modules can be mounted in the speaker system, or optional rack panel for mounting 2 modules in 14U