The GA-115H-A3 combines a pair of GA-115 Main monitor cabinets, with a pair of PAD-DSP3 3-way amplifier modules with integrated DSP, into a fully integrated cost-effective two way main monitor system, with power and DSP for subwoofer cabinets to be added.

The Augspurger GA-115 is the most compact main monitor cabinet, featuring a single 15″ woofer, combined with the signature Augspurger wooden horn with compression driver.  The GA-115 can be sofit mounted, or can be used in a freestanding arrangement, with or without a subwoofer.

PAD-DSP3 is a two channel amplifier module with integrated DSP providing 1000W, 1000W and 500W power. It includes an integrated DSP module that provides equalization, phase correction, delay, limiting and user programmable presets.


Amplifiers 3 D-Class amplifiers per module
Impedance 4 ohms
Program Power 1000w, 100W, 500W
DSP Processing 24 Bit/96 kHz, 28-bit Coefficients
System Protection Dual Threshold Compressor/Limiters per channel (user controlled)
Filtering 16 Configurable biquad filters per channel
Side Chain Processing Both MF and HF channels have identical side-channels
Speaker Correction Aid Utilize real response from MLSSA, Praxis,mCLIO, or SoundCheck
Programmable DSP Crossover Frequencies, Overall EQ, Component overload protection, level trims, time-alignment delays
Connectivity USB input for Mac/PC control of DSP
Cooling Convection Cooled – no fans, no noise
Mounting Options 7” x 21” modules can be mounted in the speaker system, or optional rack panel for mounting 2 modules in 14U